Misson Primary School

Health and Wellbeing

Resources to promote health and wellbeing


Active Notts Resources. - This website collates all weekly PE packs so far, as well as the fantastic 'Dance around the world' resource, which is a dance workshop aimed at KS1 and Lower KS2. 

Art of Brilliance Youtube Channel - This channel publish a new video each Wednesday around a theme of wellbeing. Highly worthwhile watching as a parent who is adjusting to a new way of life. 

The Little Elf Who Missed His Birthday Party - This short story was produced by the Notts Educational Psychology Service to support discussion around the complex feelings our children will be experiencing at this time. This pdf file contains a story to read with your child and guidance for positive discussion around their emotional wellbeing as well. 

Dear Parents,

Because Misson Primary School is part of the Take Five project we will be receiving 3 videos a week that your children (and you) can use to help with feeling clam and improve wellbeing. 

A flyer will be posted each week below this message, and it will contain links to the videos. A password will be sent to parents via the school's texting service each week so you can access the video. Please do not share the password with anybody, as this is copyrighted material which is licenced to the school The password will expire after 10 days and so will the links to the videos.

We hope you find these resources useful.

Take 5 Video Links

Week 4 13/5/2020

Mrs Yeaman's Take Five Video