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  • Our Recipe Book Fundraising Event - February 2021
    Thank you to everyone who has already sent in their recipes for our new book. There is still plenty of time to get these into us, just see the letter for the different ways to send them. As always, thank you for your continued support.
  • Bags 2 School
    Our next 'Bags 2 School' collection will be on Thursday 24th September. We will be issuing the bags to all the children when they return to school in September. Thank you for your continued support
  • Children's Mental Health Week 2020
    See how you can help your child take part in Children's Mental Health Week 2020
  • KS2 Maths Revsion
    Resources to help Y6 children prepare for SATS
  • Take 5 Programme
    We have recently launched the 'Take 5 Programme' in school