Boys – Royal blue sweatshirt, white polo shirt or white shirt (to be tucked into trousers), dark grey trousers.

Girls - Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan, white polo shirt or white blouse (to be tucked into trousers or skirt), dark grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress and for summer a blue and white striped or gingham dress.

PE Kit

This should consist of black shorts, royal blue t-shirt with the school logo, black tracksuit or similar for outdoor games, and appropriate shoes (see ‘footwear’ below).  It should be left in school all week and taken home to be washed at weekends.  A draw-string bag is a good idea for small children to keep their kit in one place.  The children need their kit for drama, gymnastics and games.


Pupils should wear sensible black shoes (without heels), black pumps/plimsolls for wearing indoors and for indoor PE, and trainers for outdoor games.  Please note that the school operates an indoor shoe policy.  Children should wear their school shoes to school and during outdoor breaks if they want to play on the grassy areas during wet weather they need to bring wellies to wear at play times (these are in addition to school shoes, which they need to wear to come to school).

The following items are no longer part of our uniform:

  • Royal blue polo shirts (these are being phased out and can be worn until July 2019)
  • Pale blue polo shirts (these are being phased out and can be worn until July 2019)
  • Jumpers and cardigans that are navy blue
  • Football kits
  • Trainers other than for outdoor PE lessons
  • Slippers


Please Note

Royal blue sweatshirts and cardigans can be either with or without our school logo.

All our uniform can be bought from PMG School Wear (some items for sale on this site may not be part of pour uniform please check the list above)

Most items can also be bought from any other shop (except for the PE t-shirt) as long as the colour is correct. 

Samples of the on-line items are available in the school office to help you select the correct size for your children.


Jewellery, Make Up, Hairstyles

For safety reasons, jewellery should not be worn in school.  If ears are pierced, then small stud earrings are permitted but must be taken out or covered with a plaster during PE and swimming.  Pupils should not wear makeup, ‘excessive’ hairstyles or unnaturally coloured hair in school.